More than 1700 young people have registered for „Manager for one day 2022“

The 20th anniversary edition of the largest career orientation initiative „Manager for a Day“ took place on May 10 , 2022.

‍‍JA Bulgaria engaged 124 companies and institutions from allover the country to join forces and open their doors to provide hundreds of job-shadow opportunities for the young people across of Bulgaria.

“The Power of One Team” was this year’s slogan, accenting the importance of team diversity more than ever.  In these challenging times we place great value on the team spirit and coherence, and we strongly believe that a diverse team of experts will be able to come up with management and solutions that will not only be able to cope with the situation, but in many cases lead the company towards a better tomorrow. We encouraged the hosting companies and institutions to invite students from schools and universities, as well as those who stopped their education, to share with them best practices from their business and insights about specific professions and roles within the organization. We are happy to learn that most companies invited youngsters with different levels and profiles of education, competencies, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation to name a few, and that they have shared the day with micro-teams of 3-10 students. Each participant was given the chance to learn more about their chosen company and profession, while given a small team challenge as well to collaborate with peers on delivering a proposal at the end of the day. We are glad to share that the participation was split among online sessions and on-site visits, which was the first comeback after Covid restrictions in the past 2 years. The online sessions helped to reach out on a wider national scale,and give equal opportunity for participation to anyone interested, while the on-site visits gave the opportunity to touch and feel what the real occupation environment is really like.

To note the 20th edition of Manager for a Day, we have created a new brand identity,developed a specially dedicated web site and collaborated with a Bulgarian Recruitment startup company, nPloy. Our strategy was to reach out and prove that we are a clear market leader in delivering career orientation opportunities, and create a real-life experience to the youngsters of what does it take to find a job these days. The results: more than 1,700 young people have registered to participate in the jubilee edition of“Manager for a Day 2022″ and we are happy to note that this number exceeds the newly registered from 2021 – another proof that the efforts and motivation with which JA Bulgaria supports the new generation pays off.

Румен Радев в Мениджър за един ден

Among the most coveted positions in this year’s edition of the initiative are „President and Vice President for a Day“, and Tereza Baevska and Dorian Nedelchev elected for these positions plunged into a dynamic, exciting and full of responsibilities day. The President of the republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rumen Radev shared: „to be president or vice president, you must have a heart that beats for Bulgaria.“ Mrs. Iliana Yotova, the Vice-president of the Republic of Bulgariaexpressed her sincere wishes to Tereza Baevska to take the role of the President herself one day. Both Milena Stoycheva, Executive Director of JA Bulgaria and Vassil Dimitrov, Marketing and Corporate Partnerships Manager were among the guests who had the opportunity to look into the working environment of the presidential institution on this day and briefly discuss ideas for future development of young people in our country.

Милена Стойчева

The Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Finance also received ambitious young people in important leadership positions and the interesting work process that takes place in these institutions. In this year’s program for participation in the Ministry of Education and Science, the activities and meetings with the accepted candidates gave them the opportunity to have a real view of the overall work of the Ministry, including a working meeting of Deputy Minister Petrova with experts from higher education. and training, as well as a brief meeting with Minister Nikolay Denkov and many others.

в президенството

As every year, the business was a hospitable host. Dozens of companies operating on our and international market welcomed young people among their ranks and shared with them valuable moments and unforgettable experiences. We thank the official partners of „Manager for a Day 2022“ for their readiness to support our initiative and illuminate the path of future young talents in Bulgaria: nPloy, BNP Paribas PF, Ita Group, LIDL, HPE, UniCredit Bulbank, Coca-Cola HBC, HP Inc., Novartis, Kaufland, Nestle и Vaptech.

‍The media supporting the 20th anniversary edition of the initiative also revealed details from the world of communications, journalism, and public relations. Among them are BTV Media Group, which showed their young guests how life boils in front of and behind the camera in the news studio, what are the responsibilities of editors and how much professionalism requires every minute of airtime. We also thank all the media partners, bTV Media Group, Manager, Economy, and The Recursive, as well as all other media who shared about the interesting highlights of Manager for one day, and continue to share and promote the overall contribution of the initiative.

As for a stellar anniversary edition, we also invited a star presenter – Dessislava Stoyanova, leading TV Presenter on the most watched morning show, “This Morning” on bTV. With her professional and emotional presence, we all noted the concluding ceremony of Manager for a Day with an interactive livestream. We had a special video-message from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and created a live bridge between students from Company Program (Student Company)asking the managers from our business partners key questions on business, team spirit, investment and recommendations for the youth in our country. With this edition of Manager for a Day, the team of JA Bulgaria managed to raise yet another flagship that can easily be shared and transferred as a best-case example within the JA Network.

We thank the responsible host companies of the Manager for a Day 2022 initiative for recognizing our work as significant and lending a hand to the future new generation. We thank the thousands of young people who are consciously looking for their professional path and following their dreams. All of you are inspiration, stimulus and meaning for the whole team of JA Bulgaria.

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