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                                                                PRODUCT OWNER / PRODUCT MANAGER

 So you consider yourself business-savvy and client-focused?

People say you are proactive and decisive?

And you want to build a product that will solve a problem?

Or create the perfect solution for a problem no one knew about?

Love meetings and teamwork?

As a product owner, you will have the chance to:

·         Turn company strategy into a successful product

·         Describe a product dream

·         Make it happen by using agile principles, such as ‘minimum viable product’

·         Learn about customers’ business and industry trends

·         Collect requirements from different people and help them agree

·         Find solutions to many problems

       ·         Work with different departments that will help you create your product

·         Coordinate the product launch together with our marketing, sales and support teams

·         Have tons of fun


About the company:

coBuilder International is part of the coBuilder family – a company creating innovative software tools for the construction industry.

We started in Oslo, Norway 20 years ago, and today we have offices in five European countries. Our IT, R&D, marketing, client services, design and product management teams are based in Sofia and will be happy to meet you.

We care about:

·         The construction industry

·         The environment

·         Digitalisation

·         Teamwork


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