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About coBuilder International

coBuilder is a fast growing, international organization based in Oslo, Norway. We have been on the market for over 20 years, delivering innovative software solutions for the construction industry. As for coBuilder International, the office was founded in 2013 and since then it grew up to 70 people (and keeps on growing), making it the largest coBuilder branch. In Bulgaria we are responsible for developing, improving and maintaining coBuilder’s core products, which shape how the construction industry works with digital data.

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You will learn why everyone in Europe talks about “BIM” when it comes to construction and why coBuilder is on the front row of this huge digital transformation happening right in this very moment. You will dive in one of fastest developing, innovative software companies that has been setting trends and developing creative solutions for nearly two decades.

We need YOU to help us!

R&D – Digitalization researcher engineer

Your responsibilities

·         Manage innovative research projects and develop internal coBuilder production processes

·         Research construction market on latest trends, technologies and practices

·         Propose design of software development and provide input in later stages

·         Take part in development of international standards for technology

·         Consult major construction companies on application of innovative digital solutions

Your qualifications

·         Good research and development skills

·         Problem-solving oriented, proven ability to drive change and collaborate in a team

·         Excellent written and spoken English, further languages (French, German) are considered an advantage

·         Interest in engineering and technology

·         Willingness to learn and develop your skills further

·         Experience with digital and computer systems is considered an advantage

·         Organisational, communication and presentation skills are considered an advantage

Your benefits

·         The opportunity to be a part of an international team of experts for one day

·         Getting an insight into the latest trends in the construction industry

·         Competitive remuneration package (we have a barista and free cookies)

·         Open and friendly working atmosphere, supportive team and socially responsible environment

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