Operations Lead
към Concentrix Services Bulgaria EOOD

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Role Specific:

  • Leads the development, delivery and implementation of processes, policies and practices within the assigned department;
  • Contributes to Concentrix Bulgaria leadership team in establishment of the business practices and processes for the entity, including regular review, feedback and optimization of those practices and processes;
  • Provides leadership, resources and tools to deliver contracted services to client;
  • Works with all levels of center management to drive business objectives and strategy, including revenue and profitability of Concentrix Bulgaria;
  • Recognizes and solves emerging problems/issues and provides counsel to management on issues requiring in-depth understanding of highly technical/client relationship;
  • Manages headcount targets, resource and recruitment requirements in order to achieve optimal results;
  • Responsible for improving attrition, absenteeism and employee engagement in the delivery team;
  • Coaches and supports market and account operations managers to ensure that they can perform their roles efficiently and effectively;
  • In charge of transaction processing and reporting;
  • Responsible to support growth of Concentrix Bulgaria business and new clients acquisition;
  • Works with the different functions in and outside Concentrix Bulgaria to establish controlled and stable delivery environment;
  • Responsible for Service levels attainment and KPI improvement within the delivery accounts;
  • Responsible for the overall compliance in Delivery – process, contractual terms, quality and audit, recognized standards compliance (ISO and COPC when / as implemented) – supporting the Concentrix Bulgaria leader in ensuring the overall Concentrix Bulgaria compliance status;
  • Manages internal and client escalations towards satisfactory outcome;
  • Responsible for the overall performance management in the delivery teams, including rewarding the good performance and addressing the poor performance
  • Take personal responsibility to understand and comply with all company and client business controls requirements and policies.

За Concentrix Services Bulgaria EOOD

Concentrix Services Bulgaria EOOD

Concentrix, a wholly owned subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), is a leading business services company. We focus on customer [...]
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